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The World Of Wristbands

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Nowadays wrist bands are very famous trend in the world because of its unique features and incredible uses such as information about someone or something and also have security purposes. Uses of wrist bands are as follows:

Wrist bands are essential for hospitals as they provide the information about the patient, its disease, admission and discharge dates, because of adjustability and soft texture newborns can also easily wear these bands.

Large groups of people may not know each other but they may be part of a group and identified by a particular band. Different colours also differentiate the group’s member. Event organizers also use wrist bands for security purposes, their specific colour of band distinguished from other groups.

Events such as concerts, sports their organizer use specific colour wrist band, And these personalised paper wristbands are very common in most events nowadays. Vinyl bands are useful for entrance that specifies the event audience from others. They are also good for children’s as different colours of bands makes their age prominent for organizers to know that from which age group children’s belong to, then organizers control underage children from water pools and places that are not useful children of specific age group. Bands also make it easy for organizers to call parents through the phone number given on the wristband.


Wrist band consist of long plastic strip, the clasp on the one side and hole on the other to tie, it is very good because of its durability. These bands are in different colours, prints, logos and belong to different companies. The bands used in hospitals are very durable known as Tyvek band. The other one type is very expensive as they are made of silicone; they also used as a gift and are very trendy as people use them as a fashion. The fabric wrist band is another type they are made of different fabrics in different colours also made of woolen these wristbands are easy to recycle.

South Africa, Durban and Cape town has a variety of bands, easy to wrap on wrist, also in different colours and styles.

In these types of bands the most comfortable in all types, cloth bands are easy and useful for events that consist of many days. Vinyl and silicone bands are also comfortable but not as cloth wristbands. While Tyvek bands can cause irritation on skin after wearing them more then one day if they are made of sharp plastic material so Tyvek should not have too many lines and detailed images on it. Price also depends on comfort and design. Cloth bands are usually more expensive than vinyl, Tyvek and silicone. Designs and customization also cost because of different colours and prints, price also depends on customer demands as some people prefer appearance while some prefer comfort, design or print are different on plastic and on cloth, material of band also counts when it comes to price.

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